We offer 3 day intensive instructor trainings, which will be approximately 7 hours in length (training times may vary per location).  

Once you register for your program, you will receive your pre course material, which is to complete the Multi Barre Anatomy & Physiology assignments, and Effective Teaching Techniques.  Subsequent to the completion of your contact hours, you will receive your course work material, which will be to teach 5 one-hour Multi Barre classes to either another certified Multi Barre Instructor or on your own and submit a video of your first, third and fifth classes.

Anyone can take our training, however in order to receive your certification you must hold a prior certification in another fitness modality.  If you are simply looking to get fit and learn more about human anatomy, you are welcome to join the program and simply practice during the practice teaching segments.

What you will learn:

  • How to develop your authentic teacher voice
  • How to guide your students through our Movement Guide
  • How to effectively manage a busy room
  • How to use barre props
  • Safe movement guidelines
  • Optimal Postural Alignment: OPA
  • Anatomy & physiology supporting OPA
  • How to sequence your classes
  • How to be creative in your class creation
  • How to create a proper music playlist
SECTION 1  Anatomy + Kinesthesiology
Skeletal and muscular anatomy for optimum postural alignment (OPA)
A physical experience of each movement in OPA
Breath anatomy; the importance of breath
Safe movement
SECTION 2  Movement Guide
Detailing all of the Multi Barre Postures and Movements
During your training we will review each movement, including alignment and how to effectively cue each posture
How to teach your ending stretch 
SECTION 3  Powerful Teaching
Learn how to effectively guide your students through a one-hour Multi Barre Class
Learn and practice the Multi Barre Effective Teaching Techniques

SECTION 4  Class + Sequence Creation
Learn how to create powerful, effective, safe class formats for students of all abilities​
Review the Multi Barre Movement Categories 

 Thanks to COVID19 We are offering trainings online.

 We still have our future trainings scheduled for Canada.   

If you have registered for one of the below trainings, please be advised that  should restrictions be maintained, we will move the trainings online.

Multi Barre Training

Hot Yoga Bodies | Newfoundland Canada

August 1 -3, 2020 $695 CAD

Multi Barre Training 

The Yoga Club | Montreal  Canada

September 11 - 13,  2020 $695 CAD