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Our mission is to empower a greater sense of self love through creating a space for each student to experience their physical body with enhanced awareness.


We do this by creating a space during each and every Multi Barre of Fusion Class where students can take the time to connect to each muscle they are working; this increases a mind-body connection, which can enhance self confidence & body image, & connect to inner courage and strength.


A strong body. A calm mind. A peaceful heart.



multi barre method


 DEDICATED   Our Board of Directors & Master Facilitators (hereinafter known as "Our Team") are dedicated to our mission of evoking a greater sense of self-love.  We align with the Multi Barre & Fusion Methodology wholeheartedly and are committed to creating a space of alignment, healing, safety, and well-being for our entire community of Students, Teachers and Master facilitators. 


 COMMITTED   Our Team is committed to their own personal Multi Barre & Fusion Practice. Despite coming from different backgrounds of training, including Physicians, Physiotherapists, Pilates and yoga Teachers, HIIT Instructors, and other fitness modalities, we are committed to adhering to The Multi Barre philosophy to ensure that our students' safety comes first and to ensure consistency in our offerings. 

 ETHICAL  We are committed to upholding the highest standards of ethical behaviour regarding both professional and personal conduct through the education of our Multi Barre & Fusion Methods, including the way in which our Master Facilitators and Assistants engage with the MB community as a whole. 



"I started taking barre classes this year because of an injury to my wrist which sidelined my yoga practice. I was immediately struck by the intensity of the core work and how it would help me with yoga. Six months later, I try to go 3 times a week and love the instructors and the focus on alignment and not getting injured! I highly recommend it!"  


Joan | Costa Rica



"Little muscles matter!  We often focus on building bigger muscles. Multi Barre classes have shaped not only my body but my mind.  The small movements in Multi Barre have strengthened my core, butt, arms unlike no other exercise routine."  


Shauna | Toronto



"I had a back injury a few years ago and multi barre showed me some areas that I needed to strengthen and helped me get stronger. It also highlighted areas of my body that I didn’t even realize I had a lack of good motor control, it’s like a gauge showing you where you are strong and where you could get stronger. Multi barre is physical but also mental, deepening the connection to our beautiful bodies.


Sarah | Los Pargos Costa Rica 


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