multi barre

Multi Barre is

For Every Body

"I have never found an exercise that I like more than Multi Barre.  After only a few months, I can see the results in my body, and I am injury free!  I love the easy movements.  My yoga practice has improved and I feel stronger and healthier. I was so inspired by the Multi barre classes that I took the Teacher Training!  The training was amazing -  I love it - I have completed 2 trainings so far, I highly recommend it!  In only 3 days I learned how to properly align my body in exercise and in everyday life."

Carol | Costa Rica

"My Multi-barre training with Hali taught me how to be an efficient and motivating Barre teacher. Not only was it complete, anatomically-wise, but it was also challenging. As a teacher, I feel empowered to have had access to all this info, and to have applied it to my own body before anything else. I practiced teaching, safely correcting and pushing students enough to feel well-equipped for my first classes. Now, my students leave my classes burned out and proud of themselves!"  

Melanie | Montreal

"Little muscles matter!  We often focus on building bigger muscles. Multi Barre classes have shaped not only my body but my mind.  The small movements in Multi Barre have strengthened my core, butt, arms unlike no other exercise routine."  

Shauna | Toronto

"I started taking barre classes this year because of an injury to my wrist which sidelined my yoga practice. I was immediately struck by the intensity of the core work and how it would help me with yoga. Six months later, I try to go 3 times a week and love the instructors and the focus on alignment and not getting injured! I highly recommend it!"  

Joan | Costa Rica